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Pokémon Jigsaw puzzles are the best of all

Jigsaw puzzle is the most favourite game of mine and pokemon is my favourite cartoon so I bought this pack of Pokemon Jigsaw puzzle and I play with it all the time. One packet has 6 puzzles and I loveee all of them specially the Pikachu puzzle using his electric superpower. I wish it was […]

Playing with Pokemon is fun with chance to with IPAD

I love playing with pokemon wincutter. It is fun to play alone and also with friends. It is a good quality windcutter. I got 2 windcutters in one packet in which one is Delphox and one is Pikachu. I want to buy more packets of windcutters and stickers so that I can win an Ipad. […]

My pencil box is looking…..

My pencil box is looking very awesome with these pokemon stickers. I like the small stickers because I can stick them anywhere. I got 1 packet of pokemon stickers in which there were 10 sheets. I got Pikachu, Squirtle, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Charmander and many many more. I also gave some stickers which were same to […]

Pokémon Stickers are really beautiful

I got soooooo many stickers in only 1 packet of pokemon stickers. All of them are my favourite characters. Pikachu, Ash Mewtwo, Blastoise and many more. This packet had a lot of Pikachu and Ash stickers I wish I had Charizard also. I used all 15 cut out stickers on my book. It is very […]

Face mask

Me and my friends love pokemon so I bought pokemon face masks for my birthday party. All my friends loved the face masks. I got 3 packets of the face masks and 1 packet has 6 masks. They are good quality masks and the rubber did not break. I loved them. Friends you should definitely […]

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