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Charizard is the most powerful pokemon in the universe

Charizard is an awesome pokemon from his region. He is so powerful and he is the Ash’s strongest pokemon. I bought a very big sticker of Charizard. I love the sticker very much because it is big size and I love charizard’s photo on the sticker.I also like the sticker quality. But I was very […]

Pikachu and Ash, best team on eartth

Pikachu and Ash are the best. I ordered a bigggg stickers of ash pikachu. The stickers are so cool and awesome. I like that they are very big in size and look like real characters. Sometimes they glow little bit in the night. I ordered two same stickers one for me and one for my […]

Blastoise and Mewto the most powerfulll pokemon in the show

I got two holographic stickers to add to my Pokemon collection. One sticker is of Blastoise and one is Mewtwo. I love the blastoise sticker more because I won a pokemon wind cutter packet and I got my favourite Pikachu and Delphox. I’m so excited to play with the wind cutter with my friends. – […]

Peeka Peeka Pikachuuuuuu is her……

I love Pokemon. Pikachu is my favourite and I love his superpowers. I got a big pikachu sticker for my playing room. I love the quality of the sticker and the size is also very big. All I had to do was remove and stick. No glue required. Thank you for the amazing sticker. – […]

Best football card game with realistic gameplay. Love all the cards

The multipack of Rs. 999 has 10 packets inside. Match attax football game is one of the most exciting card game I have ever played. I use the double player game mat that I received in the deluxe pack to play the game. It’s worth the purchase. I would recommend this game to every football […]

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