A few good things about the Lockdown Inbox

Topps Official 18-05-2020
We know this lockdown is something that's very new for us and it has completely changed our lives. For many of us who like to go out and meet people it can be a bit dull staying at home for so long. But there are also some good things about being at home, here are a few that you may have experienced:

People are being more helpful than ever. Lockdown has brought up the good side of many people, taking care of the needy, the safe little ways to help a neighbour. During this lockdown you must've seen thi and who doesn't like it? These tough moments bring us togetherand make us stronger.

During this lockdown most of us have discovered our creative side. Parents have become more creative in finding out new ways to connect with their children.

Some of us have discovered the purpose that was missing in our lives. We have started to focus on things that we couldn't do before. From cleaning our house to writing poetry, painting and working on things that we're passionate about, this lockdown has helped us pursue our hobbies and dreams.

Many parents are making use of these days to spend more time with their children, indoor games like trading cards are a good way to connect with your children, know what they like and ave fun with them.

Being in this lockdown has made many of us make plans about the things we'll do after the lockdown is over. When this ends, you won't be doing the same old stuff you'd want to do things that you always wanted to, go to places that you always wanted to visit and follow your heart.

We've started to focus more on fitness and health. Many people have joined various online fitness groups, each person takes a turn sharing their routines with the others. People are going for healthy food and staying away from junk.

The streets are empty now but as soon  as this ends people will be back on their daily routine and we hope that we all learn from this time and act more sensibily.

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