All-new Money in The Bank game from Slam Attax Reloaded!

Topps Official 01-12-2020
Slam Attax

Slam Attax is back and better than ever for a RELOADED 13th Edition! Featuring an epic new design, your favourite current superstars and legends, all-new cards to collect, plus a brand-new money in the bank themed game, Slam Attax Reloaded is a Championship-winning trading card game!

We are super excited. Guess what? WWE Superstar, “The Fiend” (Bray Wyatt) is featuring in a Slam Attax collection for the first time! It’s truly an epic collection this year, it is going to be so much fun! And, we cannot wait to share the brand new Money In The Bank gameplay with you. Let’s check out the game rules.

To win the game, you have to climb the ladder, grab the briefcase and fill all the six spots with face up cards, by winning six rounds! So first, Pick your team with 11 superstars, your budget is 50 stars. Add up all the star ratings of your favourite superstars and make sure you don't go past 50! Now, flip a coin or play Rock-paper-scissors to workout who goes first! The player who goes first picks Attack or Defence. If you pick Attack then your opponent has to pick Defence, if you pick Defence your opponent should pick Attack. If you have the highest score, you need to put your card face up on the first step of the ladder. If you lose you need to put your card face down and you can't use that card again. And, if it's a draw the winner is chosen from the highest finisher score. If it's still a draw after that, the player who picked first can select another mini stat to settle the round. Remember, you can use one tactic card per game which can be used in a round to boost the stats of one of your Cards, this will help you win rounds and eventually the whole game!

Get started, practise your tactics and keep collecting till you hit the jackpot with the best of the stat-boosted special cards like Boosters, Championships, Finishers, WWE Icons, 100 Clubs, Super rare or the fantastic, super exciting Limited Edition cards - reloaded in Gold, Silver and Bronze this year! If you are lucky, you will get your hands on the unbeatable Drew McIntyre’s 101 card with all stats being 101!

How’s that for a tip? Have fun!

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