Brace yourself for the cutest collection ever!

Topps Official 21-07-2020

Let us introduce you to Ring Pop Pets collection, it's a cute, wearable collectible an extension of the very adorable Ring Pop Puppies collection and we're sure you'll love them.

Animal lovers will go crazy for this figurine toy that comes with a pet figure, a ring, and its decorative stickers.

Ring Pop is a gem attached to the ring, the gem opens and have a living hinge and snap closure for the pet figurine.
There are 24 new Pets to Collect which includes Piggies, Kitties, Bunnies, Hamsters, Puppies, and super rare Glitter Budgies! 'Budgie' is a rare pet and
is differentiated by gold glitter paint on the figurine.
It's an adorable collection for little kids who love pets and an excellent gift for the children's birthdays, Christmas, or just as a surprise!

This collection is a must-buy for parents as it promotes babies' hand-eye coordination, sensory perception, develops their imaginations, and practices cooperative play. 
It has the perfect size for little hands, these toys are easy to grip and play for young kids. They are great for boys and girls of 5 years and up and are fun for the whole family! 

Get the collection now!

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