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Topps Official 09-02-2021
For all Formula One fans Topps has launched a very special collection for the first time called Turbo Attax! 
This collection is dedicated to the spirit of F1 racing and features the current champion of the game Lewis Hamilton and other superstars like Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo,Charles Leclerc, and many more!

Along with cool collectible cards with amazing designs Turbo Attax has a very unique and an awesome game play, infact we have 2! 
Turbo Attax is a two-player game. The aim of the game is to beat your opponent by getting to the finish line first.

There are two types of Games in this collection:

Select your team of 11 drivers and 3 strategy cards. This game uses the six icons on your cards.

rule 2.jpg

3. Place three cards face down in the Qualifying mode. Take it in turns to go first with your main DEFENCE/ATTACK stats. Whoever wins starts on pole position.

4. The race starts with the Qualifying pole-sitter going first. 

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 23-10-52.png

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 23-10-52 (1).png

7. The winning card is placed face-up on the in-play zone. The losing card is placed face down on the in-play zone.

8. Both players move on to the next zone and choose their Power Stat to play. Turn your cards over.

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 23-11-22.png

9. Activate one of your strategy cards to boost your card or to decrease your opponent’s stats. Strategy cards can’t be played in the final zone.

10. The first one who sees the chequered flag wins the race!
I win, let’s play Turbo Attax again!

• No more than 3 cards of the same driver and only 1 Limited Edition card is allowed in all teams.
• Maximum team budget is 100 million.


1. Select your team of six drivers. Decide who goes first by flipping a coin.

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 23-11-49.png

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 23-11-54.png

4. The winning card is placed in the player’s section. The losing card is put to one side.

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 23-12-03.png
6. The first one to the finishing line wins!

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