Coming soon! My Match Attax UEFA Champions League Season 2018/19 Card Collection Video

Farhan Javed 17-11-2019
Match Attax

hThis video will soon be uploaded and I really regret on not uploading the video at the time I shot the video (was shot on 5th April, 2019). I neither edited nor uploaded it. I’m currently editing this video on phone(rush) so it’s a hectic work. The video will feature the cards that I got from the smart pack and two multi packs (one which I received on completing the word GOAL) of Match Attax UEFA champions league season 2018/19. Your patience will be highly appreciated.

Also I have two ‘GO’ characters card left so if you have ‘AL’ cards then you comment down below and contact me. [GOAL ‘N’ WIN]

Spoiler : Ronaldo’s and Messi’s LIMITED EDITION SUPER SQUAD card will be there.

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