got my first sponsor from topps

Arohan YT 14-08-2021
hello there! first of all i wanted to say i am new to this website. so yesterday i got my pakage of topps which i got for free! u might be wondering how? well let me explain to u! so i have a youtube channel called "Arohan YT" where i upload funny,games and vlogs videos and it has over 1.71k subscribers (as of now) so at 31 july or 1 auguest i get a mail from topps saying they wanted to collab with me with their new products (hero attax) i thought it was a scam but than i contacted them on instagram and they said it was legit so i gave them my address and everything and my pakage and made a video on the product( u can check it out on youtube) so thats all for todays blog i know its not so interesting lol i hope u like it thank u for giving me ur valuable time!

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