Here's how parents can utilize their free time at home with their kids.

Topps Official 31-03-2020

We know at times it's difficult to pass time when you’re stuck at home and got nothing to do, especially if you have kids at home who easily get bored and always feel the need to do something. Finding things to do with kids can be a tricky business at times but we have some cool suggestions for parents to make use of this free time with their children.
Here are some fun activities that parents and kids could do together at home:

Doodle your way out of boredom
Children love to doodle, and it's not just restricted to the back of their notebooks. All you need to do is gather a lot of scrap paper which we bet must be lying somewhere around your house, and let your kids creativiy take control. Doodling is one of the best ways for kids to express their creativity. It's easily one of the best ways to get your kids out of their gadgets and help them express their ideas.

Let the little chefs take control
The earlier they start, the better they get! Obviously we aren't suggesting tough ones but there are lots of simple recipes out there that you can try out with your children. Children love to know about how things are made, you can start with sandwiches and if they really love it, then why not challenge them to come up with new sandwich fillings?

Enjoy Karaoke nights
No matter how badly we sing we all love to do it. Children enjoy singing and dancing, they easily memorize their favourite tunes. There's nothing better than a family Karaoke night, so play their favourite songs and sing along with them. Don't worry if you don't catch-up with the lyrics cause that's the real fun!

Trading cards are there to rescue to you

When it comes to indoor games there's nothing that can beat trading cards. Trading cards are not only entertaining and fun to play but also help kids to learn strategies and formulate their own rules. You can choose the game as per the sport you like the most, Topps Slam Attax universe is the best one for WWE fans, cricket fans would love Virat Kohli Journey cards while football fans can go for Match Attax collection. It's the easiest way to engage with your kids and have a good family time.

Paint your imagination
Kids love to draw and paint, they like to play with colours and this gives them a channel their thoughts in a creative way. You can have a small painting competition among your family members. It’s actually easier than you think let the little ones grab the crayons, paint and show their creative side. 

Play online games

Nowadays children are well-versed with technology and love to surf the internet. If you are looking for an online game which is kids friendly then you can give a try. There's a free game code that can be used to play the games. If your kid loves cricket then you can go for Play N Win and score runs to win exclusive goodies. For WWE fans there's Buildables which is a puzzle game and has all your favourite superstars. Log-on to and use the code (TOPPS) to play your favourite game.

Create your own stories
Children love to hear and tell stories, from fairy tales to fantasy it is something that they really pay attention to. Parents can use their imaginations and write a story with their kids. We know it's not that easy but it doesn’t have to be original, kids could write down their favourite fairy tale and make changes to it if they want. You can also go for chain stories where each person writes a paragraph and then shows the final line only to the next writer. As soon as the final person has written their part, you can read the whole story out loud and it would be hilarious!

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