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Ric flair 10-01-2022

For a long time, WWE superstars have garnered immense following in the Indian subcontinent. Over the years, WWE superstars have become a familiar name in most households with kids and teenagers. As a result of the passionate fan - following, WWE trading cards have become one of the most popular games for kids. Speaking of WWE trading card games, Topps Slam Attax brings you the most sought after WWE trading cards.

Now, let’s start with introducing Topps Slam Attax WWE Cards game. In this blog, you’ll learn the right ways to take down your opponents in this fun-filled game.

To play Topps Slam Attax WWE Cards 2021, you and your best buddy can play for the championship. To win the championship title, you’ll have to win maximum rounds by defeating your opponent.

How to Play Topps Slam Attax
Before you start playing, let’s be clear about the rules!

Know your card
The first thing you need to do is to select your star player and know his defence rating, star rating and attack rating.

Pick your cards
Choose the best 9 cards from your collection, and start playing. Now place three cards each on three rows with their face down. Then place an object card on the side to use it later.

Flip a coin to decide. The winner of the toss decides either to attack or defend. If the winner chooses to attack with your superstar, the opponent must choose to defend with his superstar.

Reveal cards
Turn your cards to reveal the strengths. Compare your star’s attack strength to the defence strength of your friend’s card. The player with higher strength is the winner.

The win pile and lost pile
If your attack defeats your opponent’s defence, your card goes to the win pile and your opponent's card goes to the lost pile. Remember, the previous round’s winner gets to make the first move in the next round.

If Player 1 attack strength and Player 2 defence strength are the same, both cards are withdrawn from the game and added to the lost pile. In case of a draw, the previous round’s winner gets to make the next move.

The object card
In a close fight, you can use the object card to boost your superstar. Object card’s star rating gets added to your superstar’s attack or defence rating.

In the end, the player with the maximum win pile is the winner!

Play this exciting game with your best buddies, siblings or cousins. Pick your favourite WWE superstar to beat your opponents at this fun-filled game. It’s the next best thing to watching your favourite stars tussle it out in the ring!


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