Match Attax is back!

Topps Official 20-12-2020
Match Attax

Attention all you football fans! Your wait is over! 


The much-awaited Match Attax collection is here with its new 2020/21 edition!


We know our fans absolutely love Match Attax and with every year that passes by we try to bring something new to our collection and with this new edition we have many surprises for you!


For the first time ever in Match Attax history, Topps had introduced Europa League Cards!!

Match Attax 2020/21 features football’s biggest stars from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. You will be closer than ever to your heroes with players like Messi, Haaland, Mbappé, Neymar, Sancho & Sterling waiting to be found!


This new collection includes the world’s biggest players and has all your favourites from Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona and many more!


Here is a list of few popular cards categories that can be found in the Match Attax collection:


Super Sized cards

Yes you've read it correctly! For the first time in the Match Attax has launched Super Sized cards exclusively for our fans! Afterall all your favourite superstars deserve a super sized card. You can get the biggest superstars in the all-new Super Sized cards in this collection.


Man Of The Match

Man of the Match cards are the shiny foil cards and look pretty cool. They have some of the biggest names in the game and there are only 16 of them and they add to the uniqueness of the collection.


Hat Trick Heroes

These cards look gorgeous and are loved by collectors. The shiny foil edges give them an elite look. When you use them in a game, and if you win a round it grabs you 3 points instead of 1! It has your favourite heroes like Messi and Ronaldo. The Hat Trick Heroes cards are based on the players scoring a hat trick in the same Champions league season. They are rare and only 6 to collect.


100 Club cards

100 Club cards are the ultimate favourite of our fans, all the hundred club cards have a score of at least 100 and are as rare as finding one in a packet out of hundred. These cards have been an important part of every Match Attax collection and there are around 11 in each collection.


Limited Edition cards

The name itself says it all; Gold, Silver & Bronze Limited Edition cards are the rarest cards that you can get. Limited editions are difficult to find and are an ultimate delight for collectors. There are some of them that you may find that everyone has, but then there are some that only few lucky people possess.


Rising Star cards

Update your player roster with new talents in the game! We know you would love to collect these rising star cards which feature the new upcoming superstars!


Regular Cards

Regular cards are available in every packet of Match Attax. They are the most common of all the cards in the whole set and are available every season. They are a part of Match Attax legacy and are always handy during the gameplay. From Mbappe to Salah there are all popular players in this one and there are 254 Regular cards in this collection.


Tactic cards

Choose up to 2x tactic cards for each match.

1. Agent card

2. Referee card

3. Base card boost

4. Injury card


Along with awesome new cards we also have these few surprises packed in for you!


Quiz N Instant Gratification

How to win-

1. Buy the product, lucky packs include quiz n win coupon.

2. Quiz n win and scratch the answer. The right answer reveals the prize.

3. Redeem the prize instantly at the retail store by submitting the coupon.


Here's a sneak peak into the latest collection!

Also don’t forget to download the Match Attax App which is available on Play store and iOS App store where you can join millions of players around the world, play the exclusive Match Attax game and win exciting prizes!

Download and play the amazing Match Attax app. Unlock exciting cards using digital code inside the pack and play with your friends and join exclusive tournaments throughout the season! There are also Limited Edition Digital code inside some packs to give  you that edge you deserve!


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