Sing along with our pretty little Mermaids!

Topps Official 17-10-2020

I believe in Mermaids is a special adorable collection for little ones who love the magical ocean world.

There are 18 cute Mermaid figurines to collect including Lib Berty, Avo Cardo and Bubbly Pop! You'll also find Goldie the Ultra Rare mermaid! She is golden in colour and has shiny hair, she's the most adorable one in the collection. And that's not all, each packet comes with a mesmerizing charm and sticker sheet that children will love to collect.

Sing along with our pretty little Mermaids as you dive with them into an underwater adventure. This super exciting 'I Believe In Mermaids' collection is full of surprises and you are guaranteed hours of fun! 

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I Believe In Mermaids collection is out now!
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