Skills that children develop by playing trading card games

Topps Official 06-03-2020
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Parents are often concerned about the type of games their children play, as it's a well known fact that the type of games children play have an impact on their thought process and development.That's why we'd like to suggest parents to get some trading cards for their young ones as it's one of the few games that aren't only entertaining but also help the children sharpen various skills.

Here are a few skills that children learn by playing trading card games:


By managing trading cards and carefully placing them in their binders kids learn to be responsible for their things. Children may not care much about their clothes or their lunchbox but they will sure work to be responsible with their cards. Kids always carry card boxes or binders to play with when they visit their friend’s house and they have to be responsible for them. Kids tend to take good care of their card collections and they'll always know which cards are where. It enables them to develop a sense of resposnsibily at a young age.


As the trading cards collection grows over time, kids feel the need to manage them and due to this they learn to organize and care for their things. Over time as their collections grow, they put them into binders with trading card sleeves.

Kids learn to organize their cards in all sorts of ways. For their football cards, they organize them by team, for WWE cards they'd organize them as per Raw, Smackdown etc. Children take pride in their collections and care for them.
Parents have noticed that how their kids put their cards back to their spots after playing a game with them or pulling them out for trading.


Over the years through various experiences we learn the importance of negotiating. By playing trading cards, kids learn about negotiating and being fair at an early stage. Questions like,Let’s trade to 3 base cards with 1 limited edition’ What game should we play?, Who should go first?, Want to create new rules? etc. help kids learn to negotiate with their peers. Trading cards can be their first encounter where they can learn about making deals and trades and negotiating.


Kids need to learn how to spend their money. With trading cards kids learn about managing and spending their own pocket money. It's often seen that parents say no to toys because they believe that the kids won't play with the toy for more than one day but that doesn't apply to trading cards. Parents want their children to be able to make their own decisions and also to get a good value of their purchase. At least when they choose to buy some Cricket, Football or WWE cards, the parents know that children will play with them or trade them. 


It's necessary for children to interact and exchange thoughts with eachother. Trading cards opens this gateway for them as it connects them and enables them to mix with other kids, for instance kids who aren’t into sports notice their social circles getting shrunk as they have less in common with other kids who love sports, especially as they age. Sports trading cards like Cricket, Football cards etc. bridge the gap between the kids and gives them something to talk about and discover their interests.They can talk about the various players, teams, and even make trades. It surely gives kids something in common with each other


It sharpens their memory as they need to remember which cards they own and which cards they’ve placed on the game board while into the game. At times they even remember the stats on particular cards of high value! Games like Virat Kohli Journey cards require the players to use the high batting or bowling score to win, in this way kids learn about numbers and their value.


We’ve seen that Kids often come out with innovative ways to play these card games, they create their own strategies and make use of their imagination to alter the game rules. Infact trading card games are designed to engage the player's imagination and sharpen sound reasoning as the child becomes more successful in playing the game.

Trading card games enable interaction and cooperation among the kids and parents are also embracing trading card games because they teach strategy skills and also promote social interaction.

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