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Topps Official 22-03-2020
We know staying at home for the whole day can get a bit boring, but we can actually turn these dull days the other way around, we've got whole families together at home and parents could use this moment to connect with their children. Let’s face it, we know that today’s little digital natives can be difficult to tear away from their mobile screens, but we know how you can make them ditch the virtual world for a while. 
We’re here to rescue you from boredom! We recommend the following Topps collections to fill up some of these endless hours that you’ve suddenly got on your hands:

Slam Attax Universe
These trading cards are an absolute delight for all WWE fans. The all new Slam Attax Universe is back with awesome new card designs and updated WWE roster, the cards are of good quality and are a perfect gift for young WWE fans. This collection has all your favourite WWE superstars like Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and there are Hall of Fame cards which highlights all the legends of the game. Young or old this collection has something for everyone and this is what makes this collection unique as parents can and children both can enjoy playing these together. For hardcore fans of WWE there are some Gold Limited edition cards featuring the juggernauts of WWE. This collection has more than 350 cards and is an absolute paradise for collectors.

Virat Kohli Collection
We've something for cricket fans too! As we all are well aware that Virat Kohli is the perfect icon for youth and has influenced many with his journey, Topps has launched a special collection which includes Buildables, Virat Kohli Journey Trading Cards, Posters and Infinity Cards. Virat Kohli Journey cards require the players to use the high batting or bowling score to win, in this way kids learn about numbers and their value. Virat's journey is an inspiring one especially for young minds, this collection is a perfect gift for young fans and a must-have for all Virat Kohli fans out there. 

Match Attax Live
If you like football or you are fond of legends like Ronaldo and Messi then you'll love this collection! The incredible new release has the biggest names from Manchester City to Real Madrid. The new card designs look awesome and the quality is impeccable. It has all the world-class international superstars like Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe, Neymar and many more. The brand-new cards includes New-Look Tactic cards, Club Badge Team Record cards, MVP cards, Golden Centurian cards and a lot more action. There are over 340 cards plus exclusive cards to collect.

The real secret to finding the right game for your family is choosing something that is fun to play at every age, you can go for your favourite sport and choose the collection to play whole day long!

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