The Fiend is featuring in a Slam Attax collection for the first time!

Topps Official 13-12-2020
Slam Attax

There's a new nightmare in the game, he's had many names: 

Rotundo, Husky Harris, Bray Wyatt.
But now, we all know him as "The Fiend"!

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt is currently the talk of the town, his frightening stage persona has got the attention of every WWE fan around the world. The demonic masked wrestler joined WWE a decade ago, and he has changed his name a number of times, and with each new name, we saw a different persona, a different version of the WWE Superstar.

Bray Wyatt comes from a long line of professional wrestlers, including his grandfather, Blackjack Mulligan, and his father Mike Rotunda was a very well-known wrestler. He and his brother Bo Dallas teamed up in 2009 and became tag champions in FCW. But eventually, the Rotundo Brothers lost their titles and disbanded
In 2010, Wyatt joined NXT, under the name Husky Harris. But as a newbie, he didn't find much success. 
Then in 2013, his new persona was born, "Bray Wyatt" a swamp-dwelling cult leader of the Wyatt Family known as "The Eater of Worlds". Their journey was going well, but then in the year 2018 after his tag team partner Matt Hardy took time off due to injury, Wyatt was off the television for a very long time.

After Bray Wyatt suddenly vanished from the game, his frightening return was revealed through a series of mysterious videos that featured puppets, dollhouses, and other random objects in a dark room, and a faint familiar evil laugh could be heard in the background. Thus giving rise to his alter-ego "The Fiend"!

In a short period, The Fiend was successful in creating a buzz like never seen before. He has gained immense popularity among fans, some of them have already placed ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt in the list of their favorite WWE Superstars of all time! That's why we have featured your favorite superstar in our latest Slam Attax collection, here's a glimpse of it:

Firefly Fun House Cards

Firefly Fun House Cards are dedicated to the cool new segment called Firefly Fun House aired on RAW. This new segment has received a lot of praise and is loved by fans. This particular card is a special one cause Wyatt introduced his alter-ego - "The Fiend" during this segment and our collective nightmares turned into reality! This card has a very colourful firefly theme and features the demonic masked wrestler, it's the ultimate blend of light and darkness. In terms of gameplay you would love this card cause of the high stats and use it to your advantage while playing.

Gold Limited Edition Cards

The Gold Limited Editions are an absolute treat for our fans and the new designs in Slam Attax Reloaded are the best ones to date. The Classic Gold limited edition card featuring The Fiend has an epic new design with shining gold stats, it has a close-up shot of the nightmare with those creepy eyes and a long-shot where we can see him in a black leather jacket and maniacal red pants all blend perfectly together. With 97 Defence and 89 Attack this card can be a game changer for you while playing with your friends. It has one of the best Power, Agility, Technique and Finisher scores that will help you win the game. These Limited Edition cards have always been a fan-favorite and if you're a fan of The Fiend then you need to get your hands on this exclusive card.

XL cards
With every new edition, we try to step-up our game and give you something that you'd love to collect; keeping this in mind for the first time in the history of Slam Attax we've introduced XL cards! These cool, exclusive card designs are absolutely delightful, and there's one that specially focuses on The Fiend. The Fiend Bray Wyatt XL card showcases his utterly menacing look, staring right at you and we bet it will give you the creeps! The all-new super-sized XL Cards really look amazing. It's a special one for the collectors. Also, if you're a fan of The Fiend then this card is a must for you!

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