Tribute to the legend "The Undertaker"

Topps Official 05-12-2020
Slam Attax

The Deadman.
The Phenom.
Over the years, Mark William Callaway has been known by many names. The real WWE fans know who we are talking about, the one and only – The Undertaker!
Since his debut in 1990, The Undertaker has been recognised to be one of the greatest wrestlers in the game. He is a fan favourite and easily, one of the most iconic Superstars to step into the ring. For over 30 years, The Undertaker was able to forge a personal bond with millions of WWE fans. It doesn’t come as a surprise though as he's known for his incredible professionalism and commitment to the game, and totally deserves the huge loyal and dedicated fan following that he has. So you can imagine the heartbreak we felt, along with the WWE fans across the globe, when the legend announced his retirement on 21st June, 2020. WWE Superstars to passionate fans have been paying tributes to The Phenom ever since. We want to do the same but we are at loss of words so let us do it our own way. Here’s a small sneak peek into the legend’s various avatars from our latest Slam Attax collection:

The XL card

For the first time in Slam Attax history, Topps brings you (cue in the drumroll)… the XL cards! WWE Superstars deserve Supersized cards. These cool, exclusive card designs are absolutely delightful, and there's one that specially focuses on The Undertaker. The Undertaker XL card showcases his classic Deadman look, which fans love the most. The all-new super-sized XL Cards really look amazing. It's a special one for the collectors. Also, if you're a fan of The Undertaker then this card is a must for you!

Super Rare cards


You'll have to be lucky to find these Cards! Seriously! The Super Rare Undertaker card has a very eye-catchy and unique design, the card highlights The Undertaker's classic logo in a very elegant way. The card design has a cool, shining silver look with colourful rays and a fierce look on the Phenom's face. There are four Rare Cards and Two Super Rare Cards to find in Lucky packets!

Gold Limited Collection


The Gold Limited Editions are back and better than ever in Slam Attax reloaded! The Classic Gold limited edition card featuring The Undertaker has an epic new design with shining gold stats and Undertaker's picture with those deadly eyes that pierce through his opponents' soul. These Limited Edition cards have always been a fan-favorite and if you're a fan of The Deadman, then you need to get your hands on this exclusive card.

Raw Cards


The Undertaker and RAW have had a very strong bond. The show debuted on January 11, 1993, and The Undertaker performed on that very first episode. Over the period of time, people have shown so much love and support to RAW that it ultimately grew into WWE's flagship show. The card featuring Undertaker has that signature red colour that resonates with RAW and a kick-ass picture of the legend himself.

One thing every die-hard Undertaker fan knows is that it doesn't matter if he is thrown in a casket or buried under a giant mound of dirt, he always comes back. After all, you can't kill what won't die... So even if the legend won't perform in the ring now, he'll always live in every fan's heart.

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