Why Quizzing is important for kids?

Topps Official 02-10-2020
Who doesn't like Quizzes?

Quizzes help kids to develop and improve participative skills. Even if kids don't know the right answer, they're likey to take risks to discover it and improve their repository of learning.

Here are some reasons why Quizzes are important for kids:

Improving capabilities

Young minds need room for an interactive form of testing which questions their knowledge and broadens the horizons of their mind. Quizzing has proved to be a great informative activity for growing children. It helps them to expand their knowledge and explore new skills at an early age. As a matter of fact it reduces the tendency to forget and organises knowledge by helping the brain sort material in clusters to allow better retrieval.

Boosts Confidence

By taking a quiz, children tend to self-predict their knowledge and chart their growth path. They become more confident about what they know and what they need to know.  As a matter of fact, quizzes also serve as a break from the monotonous learning habit, cause it requires critical thinking and extensive research. In this way, kids get into the habit of innovative learning from an early age.

Competitive spirit

Life is a race and we all love competition and winning small everyday battles. It's essential for kids to be curious and should have the urge to know more about the things they like. That's what a quiz can do for kids, they get an idea of how much they know and then they wish to know more before taking the quiz next time. They can keep track of their past performance and want to build on it. This develops a healthy competitive spirit for the rest of their lives.

Sharing information

Quizzes help children to develop & improve participative skills. Even if they do not know the right answer, they wish to take risks to find it and improve their repository of learning. The main idea behind a quiz is not to win always, in fact it gives them an opportunity to apply their knowledge and engage with like-minded people and share information on varied domains. 

Sports is often an important part of early development and plays a big role in school life.
Questions about sports help kids increase their knowledge of the sporting world around them. That's why Topps India has a created a special quiz for all our young fans!

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