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    My pan card is to be approved and i have got that very soon. But my pan card is left 2 weeks before. I need to new pan card for getting my money from post office. I have transferred the money for my friend. He is also sending money to my account. I need that amount for buying car for my personal purpose. It is taken more time and i have chosen the best color also. Now i need to collect money and pay for that. I am getting the discussions and arguments from online. Some of positive reviews and relative solutions are given for the users. It is really nice for me. I am getting more that related matters through online. I have sent the ideas and discussion to my friends for getting the great solution for the errors. I need to download duplicate pan card online.
    My friend is getting some of unique information and related arguments. I need to get something interested information from your side. Accurate points and possible solution is needed for collect my duplicated pan card. I need to manage the pan card and edit the phone number. I cannot get any messages and updates about my pan card. I want some sources and topics about pan card. Did you have any reference links or documents to know the duplicate pan card? I have book the complaint in portal address. Supportive documents and innovative information is needed for me. Please share me the details in mail. I have shared my mail id here. So please send me the great topics and shares here. I am searching the good experts for sharing the messages and arguments. My father is support me for applying that. But I need the support for collect the duplicate pan card

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